3D Wall Stickers for TV Background in India 2023

Watching TV without a crisp background may not give a satisfactory feeling. The 3D wall stickers for TV background will grab your attention and redefine your television watching experience.

Apart from this, the 3D wall stickers will also enhance the décor of your wall.

There are many designs and brands to choose your TV background stickers. In this article, we will discuss some of the best 3D wall stickers for TV background.

1. Decals Design Flowers 3D Wall Sticker

These beautiful flower design 3D wall stickers will be a lovely addition to your TV background. You can easily fix them on both sides of your TV to get an elegant look.

You can also use these 3D wall stickers in bedrooms, family lounge, living room, halls and kids room. The wall decals are made of PVC Vinyl and are non-toxic and waterproof.

2. SYGA TV background Wall Sticker

These floral & butterfly designed wall decals will enhance the beauty of your wall. The 3D TV decal surrounds the TV like a frame and makes the wall look great.

This is an excellent product to decorate up your walls. You are likely to receive good compliments from your neighbours and guests.

3. Decals Design Flowers Branch Wall Stickers for TV background

You will fall in love with the elegant colour and design of these flowers with birds wall stickers. This vibrant coloured sticker for TV background will make your home more beautiful.

The set consists of birds and flowers. The 3d wall decals will brighten up your room. The stickers are sure to completely transform the look & decor of your wall.

4. Decals Design 'Tree with Birds and Cages' Wall Sticker

These tree and birds stickers are a quick, convenient and an entertaining way to decorate your TV background wall.

The 3D wall decals will convert the boring plains wall to an elegant piece of décor. These are one of the best 3D stickers to decorate your room’s walls.

5. Decals Design Tree Wall Sticker

If you like the presence of natural elements in your home, the tree wall sticker is the perfect TV background sticker for you. The tree decal is made of PVC vinyl with a matte finish, which gives it a smooth glossy finish.

The wall tattoo provides a natural look. The tree sticker is sure to convert your walls from boring to amazing.

Steps to install this tree wall sticker:-

  1. Clean the wall with a soft cloth.
  2. Start with sticking the trunk, then branches of both parts.
  3. The leaves can be installed in the end as they can be arranged as per your need.
  4. At first stick the decals lightly, don’t force press the stickers.
  5. This will help you adjust the stickers when required.
  6. Once you have applied sticker on the wall and are satisfied with the design, rub a smooth cloth and press hard on each and every part so that it gets stuck properly.
  7. If there are the tiny bubble, use pin or needle & wipe it with a cloth.

How to apply these 3D TV background stickers?

You may think that these wall decals would be difficult to apply on the wall.

The answer is No. These stickers can be installed very easily and quickly. The steps given below will help you apply the wall decals on your wall.

  1. The wall surface, where you want to apply stickers should be smooth, free of dust, moisture and dirt.
  2. You can use a soft cloth for cleaning the wall surface.
  3. Now, carefully peel those pre-cut pieces of wall stickers off from the backing paper and apply them to the desired area.
  4. You can follow the design mentioned in the image to create the same design pattern on your wall.
  5. After applying, Press firmly along the border of the wall stickers to ensure no loose edges.
  6. If you notice any air bubbles, you can use a pin or needle to prick and squeeze out the air.
  7. Some precautions should be taken before applying these 3D stickers.
  8. Do not apply them on newly painted walls.
  9. Do not apply on wet walls.
  10. They should be applied on smooth surfaces.

Common questions related to 3D Wall Stickers :-

Is the adhesive of these wall stickers effective?

Yes, these wall stickers have a very strong adhesive. They will not peel off from your wall unless you, yourself remove them.

It is easy to apply these wall stickers?

The TV background decals are provided with detailed instructions and design sheets for ease of use. The different parts of the stickers come in a sheet.

You will have to peel off those parts one by one and apply on your wall according to the design pattern given in the sheet.

This is a step by step and time-consuming process. It becomes much easier if you have a helping hand with you. But the sticker looks very lovely and fabulous after sticking on to the wall. It will definitely be worth your time.

How long does it takes to apply these wall stickers?

Installing TV wall stickers is a step by step process. It takes some effort and patience for this task. Generally, it should about 1 hour to stick these TV background decals. But the final outcome is beautiful and worth your time.

Are these 3D TV stickers expensive?

Not at all. These TV wall stickers are very affordable and normally cost below Rs 200.

Are these wall stickers water proof?

Yes, the stickers are made of PVC vinyl and they are water proof.

Will the stickers damage the wall paint when removed?

No, the stickers can be easily removable. Also, the paint will not come off the wall if you choose to remove the stickers later.

How long do these wall stickers last?

The LED television background stickers are made of high-quality PVC vinyl material. They are highly durable and will last for above 4-7 years without fading.

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Can they be reapplied after removing from walls?

If you want to remove the stickers after they have been applied, remove carefully and gently. Yes, they can be removed and reapplied, but their adhesive will be reduced.

Final Words

The 3D wall stickers for TV background are great for enhancing television watching experience. Apart from this, the elegant design and vibrant colour of these wall decals are a perfect way to decorate your room walls.

We have made comprehensive research for the best 3D wall stickers for TV background available today. We hope that this article helps you select the best wall decals for your home according to your needs.

We look forward to your suggestions. Please feel free to express your views through the comment section below. 

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