Artificial Grass Carpets for Balcony | Lawn for Your Home in India 2023

If you dream for a kitchen garden in your house and are looking for an Artificial Grass Carpets for your Balcony or lawn, this is the right place! Having a natural garden may sometimes become a difficult task due to factors such as high maintenance, limitations of space and cleanliness factors. Also, the initial investment and regular maintenance charges of real grass lawn  are on a higher side.

But there is no need to worry. An artificial green carpet is a great solution! Nowadays, these artificial green carpets are becoming quite common in balconies and outdoors. These grass carpets are available in various sizes, so they will fit in any corner of your home.

Although these artificial grass carpets cannot be compared to the natural grass, but they do offer some advantages over natural grass –

  • These grass mats are eco-friendly.
  • They are all-season mats with excellent capability to sustain heat and rain.
  • The grass carpets can be used in balconies, outdoors, porch, terrace.
  • Highly durable and requires zero maintenance.
  • It maintains the cleanliness of your home, which is one of its biggest advantage.

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The artificial grass carpets are available in many different sizes. You can select depending on your requirements. Below is a description of some of the artificial grass carpets available in the market.

1. Eurotex Artificial High Density Grass Carpet for Balcony | Home

Key Features

2. RAJ MAHAL Artificial Grass for Balcony & Artificial Grass Door Mat for Living and Home Decor

Key Features

Roadmap to select your Artificial Grass carpet/ Mat as per your need :

  1. First, measure the length and width (in feet) of area where you want to place the carpet.
  2. Check if the carpet of those dimensions is available.
  3. If carpet of those dimensions is Not Available, follow below steps.
  4. The Carpet generally (sizes may depend on manufacturers) comes in four standard widths i.e 3.3 ft, 4 ft, 5ft and 6.5ft.
  5. So, for example if your room area is 7.3 ft x 10 ft, you can buy two carpets of dimensions – 3.3ft x 10 ft and 4ft x 10 feet. (3.3 + 4 = 7.3) 
  6. The artificial grass carpet comes in a roll, just unroll it and place on the desired area.
  7. The carpet comes with rubber-backed which is non-slip, so there is no need to stick the carpet to the floor.
Artificial grass carpet for Lawn

Common Questions related to Artificial Grass Carpets

If the grass carpet is made of plastic, will it catch fire?

Eurotex Grass Carpet passed the SGS flame retardant test. The grass rug will not cause large area burn when it comes in contact with an open flame, thus can abstain the areas of fire burning.

Is it slippery to walk on?

Not at all, you can walk comfortably on it.

Does it feels like natural grass?

It simulates the real grass, looks like natural grass and feels similar (but not exactly) to original grass.

Is it expensive?

The product may be a little expensive but people claim it to be value for money.

What is the height of artificial grass fibres?

The height of the grass fibres is 25 mm( 1 inch).

How can I clean the carpet?

It is very easy to clean the carpet. Just sweep and wash by hose.

Does the artificial grass breaks?

No, there is zero to very less Shredding.

What is the life-span of these carpets?

The life span is usually 5 to 6 years for outdoor use. However, for indoor use, the life span is high.

Does the carpet moves here and there, after installing? Do I need to stick it to groud?

No, the carpet comes with rubber-backed which is non-slip and has no trouble of mowing. There is no need to stick artificial grass carpet to the floor.

In rain, will the water accumulate on the carpet?

No, The Grass Carpet mat has holes for the water to seep through to the floor so no water stays on the Grass Mat.

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