8 Artificial Plants for Outdoors & Living Room in India 2023

 Do you love the presence of natural elements around your house?

Plants add a soothing natural element to our home. Sometimes due to restrictions of time or work, it may be hard to maintain natural real plants.

The real plants require timely water, adequate sunlight, fertilizers etc.

And if your schedule becomes hectic and you forget to water plant or check the soil, sunlight, the real plants may die.

You may consider artificial plants for outdoors & living room.

Artificial plants for the outdoors are a beautiful option that refreshes your outdoors with maintenance-free greenery. Apart from the outdoors, artificial plants for the living room & bedroom are a great way to add to the home décor.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best artificial plants for outdoors and living room.

List of Best Artificial Plants for Living Room

1. Fourwalls Palm Artificial Plant for Outdoor

No one will believe that this palm plant for the outdoors is artificial. It looks natural and will enhance your home décor. With a tall height of 75 cms, it gives a descent look.

  • Looks like a Real plant
  • Comes without a Vase

2. Tropical Artificial plant for Outdoors

With big & green leaves, this gorgeous outdoors artificial plant looks realistic. The plant brings natural-looking beauty to your home. It is ideal for outdoors, living room and for decoration.

  • Beautiful & looks good
  • High Quality Plastic pot included
  • Little Expensive

3. Planters Artificial Bamboo Plant

The gradient of dark and light green coloured leaves imparts a real look to this artificial plant. These come in a pair of 2 and can find a small space in your living room.

  • Reasonably Priced
  • Value for Money Product
  • Comes with plastic Pot

4. BK Mart Fake plant for home décor

Apart from home décor, the artificial plant is also suitable for bedroom, office, living room and special events.

  • Nice for decorating home
  • The pot size is small

5. Fancy Mart fake Bamboo Plant for Living Room

This plant from fancy mart will add a beautiful aesthetic touch in your living room. With its dense green leaves and polished wooden pot, it is one of the best artificial plants for home décor.

  • Artificial yet Looks Almost Real
  • Wooden Pot Looks Great
  • Small Sized

6.Decorating Lives Artificial Plants for Living Room

The pair of these artificial shrubs is a good option to decorate your living room or bedroom. These fake plants come in a cute little plastic pot, which increases it looks.

  • Set of 2 plants
  • Comes with plastic pot
  • Small sized

7. Fancy Mart Artificial Money plant for Home

If you are looking for a small-sized plant for your bedroom or living room, then this fake money plant can be a great choice! The wooden base adds to the beauty of the plant.

  • Wooden Base
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Not ideal for outdoors

8. DecoreBugs Artificial Hanging Plant

If you are fond of hanging plants and creepers, this plant from decore bugs will be the correct match.

  • Looks better than the image
  • No negative comments obtained yet.

Factors to consider before buying artificial plants for living room


The material is a very important aspect of artificial plants. The primary material used for these plants is fibres, nylon, silk, polyester and plastic.

Realistic look:

The plants should add a natural element to your home. The artificial plants for home are made to resemble like the natural ones.

Over the years, the design of these fake plants has improved so much that some of them look exactly like real plants.

Height and Size:

The height and size of the artificial plants depends on the factors such as existing home décor, where they are to be kept etc.

If you are looking for artificial plants for outdoors, a tall height plant should be preferred. It gives a descent welcoming effect to your home entrance.

For living rooms, tall as well as small plants are ideal. If you want to keep the plant on the table, then the small plants can be a perfect choice.


The initial cost of these fake plants is higher that the real ones. But the real plants are seasonal which means you have to buy them 3-4 times a year.


You should check if the plant pots are included with the plants. Some of these fake plants for living room come along with their pots. So you need not purchase extra pots for the plats.

Ideal for:

Apart from home décor, these artificial plants are ideal for the dining room, drawing room, porch, bedside tables, halls etc. Select the plants which blend with your home decor.

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Before you purchase the artificial plants, you should consider the advantages & disadvantages of the artificial plants for home. We have listed some of them below-

Advantages & Disadvantages of Artificial Plants


  • These so-called fake plants offer some advantages over the real plants.
  • They do not require any maintenance. So you need not worry about watering the plants or sunlight.
  • They are highly durable and last for years. They generally last for 5-8 years.
  • Unlike real plants, the fake plants are not seasonable and you need not buy them again & again.
  • They are easy to clean and can be cleaned just by wiping with a wet cloth.
  • Cleanliness is one of the biggest plus point with these artificial plants for outdoors or living room.
  • Real plants may pose the problems of leaking water, falling leaves and soil. All these problems are eliminated with use of these fake plants.
  • There are no problems of plant damage by pests and insects.


  • Since the artificial plants are made from the fibres, plastics, they may not appear as natural and realistic as the real plants.
  • Their initial cost is high but in the long term use, the fake plants prove to be highly economical & reasonable.


We have made comprehensive research for the best artificial plants for outdoors & living room available today. We hope that this article helps you select the best fake plants according to your needs. We look forward to your suggestions to improve our services. Please feel free to express your views through the comment section below. 

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