10 Best Artificial Trees for Home Decor in India 2023

Greenery brings a natural and pleasant environment at home. Do you love the presence of natural elements around your house? You can bring natural plants for your home.

Wait, in your busy and hectic life, you may forget to water them or ensure proper sunlight, fertilizers etc. And this may turn those natural plants to dead plant.

The artificial trees for home décor will be the perfect choice to add a natural aspect to your home. Apart from providing soothing greenery, artificial trees are great for decoration purpose too.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best artificial trees for home décor.

1. Hyperboles Artificial Palm Tree with Silk Leaves

This artificial palm tree resembles a natural palm tree and is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. It is made of high-quality & sturdy material with the leaves composed of silk. The tall height of 4.5 feet gives a pleasant look.


2. Sofix Maple Artificial Tree for Home Decor

The maple tree is a beautiful tree and also serves as a Canadian symbol. This artificial maple tree has high-quality leaves and gives a feel of the real maple tree.

The tree can be easily cleaned by removing dirt, dust using a wet cloth. The height of the fake tree is around 4.5 feet.


3. Sofix Artificial Palm Tree

If you want to spend a good bit less and still get a realistic-looking palm tree, this is a good choice.


4. Dhyanarsh Crystals Fake Tree for Home Decor

The artificial tree features multicolour crystal leaves. This Crystal Bonsai Fortune Tree is believed as an aspect for Good Luck.


5. Decorating Lives Artificial Tree for Home Decor

The unique design of this artificial tree is a great choice for your living room. With vibrant coloured leaves & flowers, the tree looks Generous and elegant.

  • Material: The tree is made of eco-friendly plastic material.
  • Unique Design: The Green leaves and yellow flowers leaves an appealing & soothing impression.
  • Ideal For: Apart from the living room, these flowers are great for decorating bedrooms, drawing room, computer desk, office table.
  • Zero Maintainence: The artificial flower requires no maintainence. It can be cleaned just by using a wet cloth.
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6. Fancy Mart Pine Artificial Tree for Decoration

The artificial pine tree offers a beautiful and welcoming ambience to your home. The artificial pine tree is made of  Fabric, Wood, plastic. The tall height of the pine tree imparts a decent look.


7. Pindia Bonsai Artificial Tree With Pot

The artificial tree from Pindia is made from the best quality material and fabrics to give a realistic look. The use of premium quality material makes it long-lasting and gives a touch of reality. It is Ideal for Home décor and gifting purpose.


8. Decorating Lines Artificial Tree for Home Decor

The artificial tree is a great choice for nature and birds loves. The cute little birds sitting on a greenish-yellow tree gives an adorable look.


9. Fancy Mart Coriander Bonsai Decorative Artificial Tree

This Coriander artificial tree will give a unique appearance to your home interiors.


10. Fancy Mart Artificial BambooTree for Home

If you like the bamboo trees, this is a small version of your beloved tree. The fake bamboo is ideal for decorating interiors as well as exterior.


Benefits of Artificial Trees...

These artificial trees for home decor offer many benefits over the real plants. Some of their advantages are discussed below –

Like any natural living plant, the best artificial trees can work wonders for home décor. You can place them anywhere – living room, porch, veranda, hall, drawing-room.

Also, you need not worry about watering, checking the soil, fertilizing and sunlight. They are easier to care and maintain.

The artificial trees last much longer than the natural plants. When it comes to the cleanliness of the home, these fake trees are the best selection.

Their leaves never turn yellow or fall down, the soil doesn’t drop out of their pots.

Now a natural question arises. Do these fake trees for home décor look natural?

Well, the fake trees are made to resemble like the natural ones. Over the years, the design of the artificial trees has improved so much that some of them look exactly like real plants.

6 Benefits of Artificial Trees – ModernDisplay.com

Real plants vs Artificial Trees for Home – Explored

Look & Feel:

It is obvious that the real plants provide a natural shade. But the artificial trees for home are being designed to look like real plants.


Artificial or fake plants enables zero maintenance. They can simply be cleaned with a wet cloth. On the other hand, the real plants need to be watered, fertilized and kept in proper sunlight.


The real plants are generally seasonal i.e. they will last for 4-5 months. But the best artificial trees for home décor are long-lasting and last for 5-8 years.


The initial cost of these fake trees are higher that the real ones. But the real plants are seasonal which means you have to buy them 3-4 times a year.


The fake plants provide more flexibility of use. Whenever going out for trips, there is need to worry about the fake trees.

Ideal for:

Apart from home décor, these artificial trees are ideal for the dining room, drawing room, porch, bedside tables, halls etc.

Cleanliness of home:

The fake trees are the winner here. With the natural plants, there are many problems for cleanliness – water leakages, falling leaves and soil.


We have made comprehensive research for the best artificial trees for home available today. We hope that this article helps you select the best fake trees according to your needs.

We look forward to your suggestions. Please feel free to express your views through the comment section below. 

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