5 Best Gardening Gloves for your Garden In India 2023

5 Best Gardening Gloves for your Garden In India 2023

FAQ's Related to Gardening Gloves

What are the gardening gloves made of?

There are many different types of hand gloves for gardening -

  • The leather gloves provides protection against cuts and are ideal when you are working with thorny plants like roses and bushes.
  • Cotton gloves are useful for operating manoeuvring tools in the yard such as lawn mowers, chainsaws, weed whackers.
  • Rubber gloves are created to protect the gardener from chemicals and various types of oil, pesticides and water solutions that are utilized in the garden.

Do gardening gloves prevent skin cuts and blisters?

Yes, these hand gloves are very useful and they protect your hands from scratches, cuts and blisters. They can be used when working with fertilizers or other chemicals.

Are these gloves comfortable?

When you have to use gloves for long hours, comfort is very necessary. These hand gloves are designed flexible and comfortable so that you can work in your garden for long hours. They provide a firm grip which helps you perform all gardening activities effortlessly.

How long do gardening gloves last?

The gloves are highly durable and normally last for 1 year or more. Proper maintenance may help in increasing their life. Since bacteria and germs can get to your gloves from the garden, it is important to clean them regularly.

Are gardening gloves waterproof?

There are different types of gloves. Some of them such as rubber, nitrile gloves are waterproof. However, the cotton gloves are not waterproof.

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FreshDcart Heavy Duty Farming Gloves


  • Garden Genie Gloves: Best Choice And Quick&Easy To Dig & Plant Nursery Plants ,Safe For Rose Pruning
  • Protects Fingers: The Puncture Proof Material Allows Complete Protection To Your Fingers And Fingernails While Conducting Various Tough Tasks In Your Garden.
  • The Gloves Are Puncture Resistant And The Claws Are Made With Durable Abs Plastic To Protect Your Fingers And Hands.

Scotch Brite Rubber Hand Gloves for Gardening


  • Made from high quality eco-friendly rubber
  • Thicker gloves
  • Fresh lemon scent

Kraft Seeds Durable Gardening Hand Gloves


  • Texture – A beautifully crafted free size gardening hand gloves by Kraft Seeds comes with impressive color and sturdy material.............
  • Material – Strong material that is designed for rough treatment; keeps your hands safe and avoid injuries of any kind; washable and can be used again and again, its durability makes it fit for years to come
  • Ready to Use – You will receive the gloves in a poly pouch or a box; as you open the gloves are ready to be used; they are well tested and do not require any kind of pretreatment; you may open the box and try on the gloves as they will be ready to enhance and keep your gardening experience safe and beautiful

Buy Garden Craft Cut Resistant Gardening Gloves


  • anti cut resistant FOR GARDENING Agricultural Cleaning They are free size Elastic flexible and fits all hands medium , large and xl with Tight Fitting

Safeyutra Cotton Gardening Gloves


  • Sweat Free,Resists Abrasions,Cuts,And Tears
  • Great For Warehouse Work, Landscaping, Cleaning, Gardening And More, 100% Cotton
  • Latex Coating Provides A Great Grip, 100% Cotton,Knit Wrist, Free Size
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