7 Best Gas Geysers for Winters in India 2023

The gas water heaters are one of the most beneficial appliances to provide instant hot water in the winters. The gas geysers use the heat of burning fuel (LPG or PNG) to heat the water. This way it produces a continuous flow of hot water and with efficiency.

There are different types of gas heaters with many unique features. We have also provided a comprehensive guide that will help you choose the best gas heater according to your needs and requirements.

The guide also informs you about the features like Auto shut off, Flame protection, Temperature Control, Energy Efficiency, various safety features and much more.

List of 7 Best Gas Heaters

1. V-Guard Safe – Flo Plus 5L Gas Water Heater

V-Guard safe Flo is one of the best gas geyser available in the market. This slim and compact gas geyser goes perfectly with your kitchen and bathroom decor.

This gas geyser is equipped with copper heat exchanger and SS burner which increases the efficiency of the geyser. It is provided with 6 L capacity which makes it ideal for small and medium families.

The Automated Ignition System automatically switches on the burner whenever you turn on the tap. The gas geyser is also provided with 20-minute gas flow cut-off timer which automatically turns off the geyser when it reaches the specific time.

You can control the water temperatures as per your need using the heat setting control knobs provided on the front. This gas geyser is designed for high water pressure which makes it suitable for use in apartments.

Key Features

  • Copper heat exchanger
  • Capable of withstanding high water pressure
  • Automatic ignition system
  • Fast heating

Customers Comments

  • Compact and Slim Design
  • High Build Quality
  • Decent Performance
  • Light Weight
  • Not ideal for Large Families
  • Installation Service not Provided

2. Racold LPG 5L Instant Gas Water Heater

racold best gas geyser

Racold claims to provide 85 % heating efficiency and greater economy through maximum heating efficiency. Racold instantaneous gas water heater comes with a double solenoid valve which ensures complete safety. The child lock feature is an added feature for protecting children against accidents.

The summer/ Winter knobs provided on the front section allows you to adjust the water temperature as per your comfort. This gas geyser from racold comes with built-in safety system against gas leak which prevents accidental leakage of gas and other hazards.

Key Features

  • Provides high performance and efficiency.
  • Double Solenoid valve for safety.
  • Built-in gas leakage safety system.
  • Child lock safety feature.

Customers Comments

  • Excellent performance
  • Advanced Safety Features
  • Little Expensive than other Geysers

3. Hindware Eveto 6L Gas Water Heater

Hindware Eveto is another great and premium quality gas geyser. The 1Kg Copper Heat Exchanger provides high efficiency. This compact and sleek designed gas water heater comes with a solenoid valve for extra protection.

When it comes to safety this product has no alternatives. The geyser is equipped with Anti-Dry Burning Protection, Child Lock Safety Device and Flame-out protection for your safety. The Brass Inlet-Outlet Connections increases the durability of the product.

Key Features

  • High Quality Copper Heat Exchanger
  • Anti-Dry Burning Protection
  • Child Lock Safety Device
  • Flame-out protection
  • Brass Inlet-Outlet Connections

Customers Comments

  • Compact and Sleek Design
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Proper ventilation is required before installing the geyser

4. Bajaj Majesty Duo 6L Gas Geyser

Bajaj is a well reliable brand for electrical appliances. The Majesty Gas geyser is a value for money product from bajaj. This gas geyser has a high build quality and many advanced features. Apart from features such as overheat protection, flame protection which are available in many gas geysers, this appliance is equipped with Oxygen Depletion Sensor which indicates low levels of oxygen.

It is suitable for both low as well as high-pressure installations and available in LPG and PNG models. The 20 Minute times is a great add on which turns off the geyser automatically after a specific time. All these features increase your comfort during the winter season..

Key Features

  • Flame out protection
  • 20 minute timer
  • Maximum water temperature cut-off
  • Available in LPG and PNG models
  • Suitable for both low and high pressure installations
  • Oxygen Depletion Sensor
  • No water shut-off
  • 2 year guarantee provided by manufacturer

Customers Comments

  • Premium Quality Product
  • Great Features
  • Suitable only for small families

5. Havells Flagro Storage 6L Gas Heater

havells flagro gas water heater

Flagro is a great product from the well-reputed brand havells. It comes with feroglass coated tank with single weld-line design. The Incoloy heating element supports faster heating. This LPG operated gas geyser has the capability to provide you with hot water as soon as you turn on your tap.

The geyser is equipped with overheat protection which will automatically cut off the gas & stop working when the temperature of the water flowing out from the water heater exceeds 95 °C or dry burning occurs. Apart from this, it comes with many safety systems like child lock safety device, and flame protection.

Key Features

  • Feroglass coated tank with single weld-line design.
  • Faster heating using Incoloy heating element
  • Great safety features like child lock safety device.
  • Also equipped with flame protection system and overheat protection system.

Customers Comments

  • Value for money product from havells
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Installation service not provided

6. LONGWAY Xolo Gold Premium 7L LPG Gas Water Heater

longwat water heater

The gas geyser from Longway is another great gas geyser. It has a high build quality and is composed of 100% copper tank. The copper heavy-duty tank enables fast heating and makes the geyser long-lasting.

This elegant and attractive gas geyser comes with top-class quality and features. This gas geyser is equipped with an automatic ignition system, flame failure safety system and overheating safety system to ensure your safety.

The gas geyser is also provided with 20-minute gas flow cut-off timer which automatically turns off the geyser when it reaches the specific time.The seven litre tank capacity makes it suitable for large family.

Key Features

  • 100% Copper tank
  • Fast heating and Long Lasting Product
  • Automatic ignition system
  • Adjustable knob for regulating Water and Gas Intensity
  • Flame failure safety system
  • Over heating safety system

Customers Comments

  • Good Product at a Reasonable Price
  • Great safety features
  • Elegant Design
  • No negative comment obtained yet

7. Activa 6L Instant LPG Gas Geyser

This is a high build quality gas geyser. The outer body is coated with an anti-rust coating which protects the geyser from corrosion. The tank is made from 100% copper which provides decent performance and extra durability. The gas geyser is BIS approved as well as ISI certified product.

It comes with great safety features such as flame failure feature, overheating protection which protects the geyser from damages. The automatic and instant flame ignition system makes your work easier.

Key Features

  • Delivers decent performance
  • 100% Copper tank
  • Anti rust coating on the outer body
  • Automatic ignition system
  • Flame failure safety system
  • Over heating safety system

Customers Comments

  • Value for money product
  • Installation not provided
  • Customer care needs improvement

Benefits of Gas Geysers

The gas geysers have many benefits over the electric geysers. Some are mentioned below –

  • Gas geysers are more efficient than the electric geysers. Cost of operation of gas geysers is much lower than the electric geysers.
  • Gas geysers are compact and occupy very less installation space when compared to electric geyser water heaters.
  • These geysers provide instant hot water while the electric geysers takes some time to heat water.
  • The cost of Gas geysers is lower than the electric geysers.
  • Unlike the electric geysers,  the gas geysers works in power cuts and voltage fluctuations.

All these features make the gas geysers a perfect option to buy for hot water in the winters.

Advantages and disadvantages of Gas Geysers


  • Gas Geysers are much more efficient than the electric geysers.
  • The initial cost, as well as the cost of operation of a gas geyser, is less compared to the electric geysers.
  • You have the power to control the level and rate of heating.
  • Heating is steady, thereby supporting power preservation. You will conserve a large amount of heat energy if you use the hot water instantly.
  • It is very easy to repair gas geyser.
  • You do not need electricity to run gas geyser.
  • You can run gas geyser on both pipeline natural gas and household LPG cylinders.


  • Require additional place to keep the LPG cylinder and bathroom should have proper ventilation
  • Gas geyser causes pollution because it releases carbon monoxide into the air in the course of burning LPG or natural gas
  • Due to increasing gas prices and energy crisis, the cost of gas geysers is increasing every day.
  • Sediments build at the base of the tank after using it for a long period of time. You need to get rid of these on a regular basis. You only do this with the help of the drain in the tank.

Working of Gas Geysers

Gas geysers make use of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) for the purpose of heating. These geyser types have no limited power to heat water. Gas geysers provide incessant flow of heated water and supply immediate heating.

  • A tankless gas continuous flow through hot water heater works (instant gas geyser works) when you open a hot water tap and a sensor detects the water flow. 
  • When the flow through instant gas heater is working, the gas burner fires and the heat exchanger works to heat the water.
  • Some gas hot water systems work with a secondary heat exchanger to pre-heat the water, using heat from the flow through hot water heater exhaust gases.
  • A thermostat works to regulate the amount of gas that goes to the flow through hot water heater burner, maintaining the pre-set water temperature.

Points to look before buying a gas water heater

Since there are many brands and models of gas geysers available in the market, it may be confusing for you to buy a gas geyser that perfectly matches your needs. Hence, we have provided some important factors which you should know before buying a gas geysers. Gas geysers have a low initial cost, are more economical than the electrical geysers and more efficient than the electric geysers. The factors you must consider before buying a gas geyser are listed below –

Heating Capacity

Heating Capacity is one of the most important factors for selecting the right gas geyser. The heating capacity of a gas geyser is defined in terms of litres per minute. A geyser with 7 litres capacity means it can deliver 7 litres of hot water in 1 minute. The gas geysers provide you instant hot water as soon as you open the tap. Hence, you do not need to wait for the water to heat up, as in the case of an electric water heater.

For a small family of 2-3 members, a gas geyser of 5-6 litres is adequate. And for a large family of 4 or more members, the larger capacity gas geyser will be required.

Build Quality

The durability and efficiency of a gas geyser depends on its build quality. You should always choose a geyser with high build quality. All gas geyser mentioned in the article are from well-reputed brands and have high build quality.

Safety Features

The modern gas heater are provided with advanced safety feature which ensures your safety as well as protects the geyser from damages. Some of the safety features are mentioned below –

1) Flame out protection

This safety feature ensures that the gas supply to the geyser is cut off whenever the flame turns off. This feature protects your heater and the surrounding from harmful hazards like – gas leakage and fire.

2) Anti-Dry Burning protection

This safety provision in gas geysers automatically shuts off the gas supply and the flame whenever there is no water inlet to the geyser. This protects the geyser from dry heating and prevents damages.

3) Child Lock safety Feature

The child lock feature is an added feature for protecting children against accidents.


The Gas geysers are more compact and sleek than the electric geysers. However, the gas geysers are not as attractive and elegant as the electric geysers. Their compact and sleek design makes them premium looking.


Warranty is another important factor to be kept in mind while purchasing a gas geyser. You should choose the branded model always that comes with standard safety certification.

Precautions while using Gas water heaters

Room heaters are great devices when it comes to providing instant hot water. Although gas geysers are built safe, yet ‘Precaution is better than Cure’.

  • Gas Geysers are very beneficial appliances but they should be used following some precautions. These precautions are mentioned below-
  • The gas geysers should be installed in a properly ventilated space.
  • There should be no inflammable items near the gas geyser while in operation.
  • The gas connection should be turned off when the geyser is not in use.
  • There should be a proper check for any leakage of gas.


We have made a comprehensive research for the best gas geyser/ water heaters available today. We hope that this article helps you select the best gas water heater according to your needs. We look forward to your suggestions to improve our services. Please feel free to express your views through the comment section below. 

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