9 Best Paintings for Living Room Wall in India 2023

Best Paintings for Living Room | Empty walls look boring !! I hope you agree with me.

To convert these plain boring walls to creative ones, all we need is great paintings for wall décor.

The living room is the first place one experiences when entering your home. This might be the place where you spend most of your time. If you are looking to decorate your home, then the living room can be the best option to start with.

A wall painting can convert a traditional living room to a new energizing life. The best paintings for living room walls can enhance the style and décor of your living room.

It adds a welcoming vibe for your guests and relatives. Unique and elegant wall art for living room lights up the entire space.

But hanging any randomly selected painting might not go hand in hand with your home décor. So, it is important to choose the best paintings for the living room that elevates the look and feel of your room.

The chosen wall art form should complement the existing living room décor. With so many wall paintings available, it may become a tedious task to choose the perfect fit for your living room.

List of 9 Best Paintings for Living Room

1. Indianara Floral Paintings for living room

These floral paintings are a great wat to add a natural element in your living room. These paintings come in a pack of 3. You can arrange them side by side in a straight line or in masonry form as shown in the picture. These are one of the best paintings to enhance the look of your living room and home.


  • Design: The beautiful floral design creates a calm and ambient environment.
  • Material: The wall painting is made on high-quality engineering wood.
  • Pack of 3:  The wall art comes in a set of 3 paintings. One large and 2 smaller.
  • Lightweight: The paintings come without a glass which makes it lightweight, non-breakable and durable.
  • Easy to Install: It can be easily wall-mounted using the hook provided at the back.
  • Ideal for: Apart from the living room, these paintings are ideal for decorating halls, bedrooms, dining room.
  • They are an excellent gift option on special occasions such as birthdays, house openings, anniversary.
  • Elegant Floral Design
  • Looks Nice & Beautiful on Walls
  • Frame Quality can be Improved

2. Inephos Canvas Wall art for Living Room

This wall art is one of the best painting for the living room. This high-quality digital painting will create a mesmerizing visual experience in your living room.

The realistic look and the vibrant colours beautifully depict the scenery of Venice, Italy.


  • Dimensions: The painting is large with dimensions 85cm x 55cm. It will certainly draw your guest’s attention.
  • Design: The canvas wall art depicts the beautiful view of city Venice in Italy.
  • Material: The wall art is made on a 380 GSM pure cotton which gives it a smooth and premium finish.
  • The canvas is mounted on a sturdy imported wooden frame of thickness 2cm.
  • Other Features: Other features such as matte finish, Fade-resistant prints and border less frame make the wall painting more attractive.
  • Gorgeous Painting
  • Premium Quality Product
  • Expensive but Value for Money Product

3. Kyara arts Lord Krishna Painting

Lord Krishna is the god of compassion, tenderness and love. The presence of Lord Krishna’s painting at the home ensures a peaceful and joyful environment.

  • Design: The painting features a beautiful scene of Lord Krishna with his bansuri.
  • Material: The painting for living room is framed on a high-quality MDF board. The 7 mm thick board provides stability and durability.
  • Set of 5: It has 5 frames each frame of size 24cm x 76cm.
  • Textured Finish and Sparkle Touch with Matt enhances the beauty of the home.
  • Looks Simple & Beautiful
  • Slightly Expensive

4. Rangoli 3D painting for Decoration

This attractive and innovative 3D deer painting will adore your eyes. The embossed printed deer painting provides a 3D and real-like appearance.

  • Design: The 3D deer painting with trees is a unique craft.
  • Material: The painting is made on 5 mm thick MDF board which makes the paintings highly durable.
  • Pack of 3: The paintings are in a pack of 3.
  • Waterproof: The wall art is waterproof and won’t be damaged on accidental water spills.
  • Quick Installation: The paintings have double-sided tape at the back for sticking the painting on the wall.
  • 3D Effect Looks Amazing
  • Installation may be Difficult

5. Kyara arts nature view picture for living room

This is the best painting to fill your living room with colours of nature. This large-sized painting can be mounted on the wall behind the cough to give your room an appealing look.

  • Design: The painting symbolizes the forest view in the most natural and colourful way. It has a light touch of sparkle with a matte finish.
  • Set of 5: The paintings consists of 5 frames of high definition textured surface printed on high-quality vinyl.
  • Material: The living room art is framed on 7mm Heavy MDF Board which makes it long-lasting.
  • Easy to Mount: Each frame of the painting has hanging clips at the back which makes installation easier. Double tapes are also included which can be used for proper alignment of the frames.
  • Easy to Clean: The painting is waterproof and can be cleaned by using a wet cloth.
  • Great Finish
  • Large Size gives complete look
  • Alignment may be a problem

6. SAF Walking Couple Wall Painting

This eye-catching art will be a lovely piece of décor on your home walls. You will be attached to the vibrant colour combination of this painting.

The painting is also suitable for decorating a dining room, bedroom, drawinga room and for gifting purposes.


  • Design: It is a textured affect canvas print with UV which gives a multi-effect. The vibrant colours in the painting leave a great impression.
  • Material: The painting is made on High-quality MDF Board and matte wood frame.
  • Lightweight: The Painting is without glasses which makes them lightweight, unbreakable and durable.
  • Pack of 3: The paintings come in a set of 3.
Buyers Feedback
  • Fascinating painting
  • Reasonable Priced
  • It needs to be Protected from Moisture

7. SAF Buddha Painting for home

God idols paintings are increasing in demand. This Buddha painting for your living room will bring positivity in your living room. God idols paintings and statues are believed to fill one’s life with blessings and happiness.


  • Design: The Buddha painting is abstract and beautifully designed.
  • Material: The painting is made on 6mm thick MDF wood which makes the painting long-lasting.
  • Pack of 3: It consists of 1 large and 2 small paintings.Frame: The Buddha painting have a nice frame attached to it.
  • Good Textured Canvas Effect
  • The hook is not attached on the back of painting
  • This makes it difficult to mount on wall

8. SAF Motivational Quote Paintings

Motivation is very important for progressing in life. These encouraging quotes paintings will fill your home with positivity.It is a great idea to start your day with inspiring thoughts.


  • Set of 4: The painting comes with a set of 4 frames.
  • Material: The paintings are frames on an imported wooden board.  The painting has a matte finish and includes a good quality frame.
  • Ideal for Gift: The painting is a great choice for gifting friends and family.
  • Good Looking
  • Descent Quality
  • Hanging clip is not well designed

9. Indianara Still art painting

The simple and sober theme of this wall painting will be nice add on to your home décor. The wall art is a great choice for traditional style living room.


  • Design: The lovely design of the painting will make your room adorable.
  • Material: The wall painting is made on high-quality wood.
  • Set of 3: The package contains set of 3 paintings.
  • No glare: The painting is not covered with glass which ensures there is no glare or reflection. This also makes the painting lightweight and more durable.
  • Elegant & Adorable look
  • Little Expensive

How to choose best Paintings for Living Room?

The most important part while selecting the best wall art is that it should encourage feelings of joy and enjoyment. Some other factors which you will help you choose the right wall art for your home interior are also mentioned below:


The dimensions of the wall where the picture has to be installed should be taken in account. The wall paintings should be mounted few centimetres above the sofa and furniture in your room.

A large painting fill up the entire wall and complete the look of the living room. Small paintings cannot fill a big space. If you are selecting small art works, then grouping them together will grace up your wall décor.


The material of the painting board defines its stability and durability. The painting should be attached to a high-quality board.

Nowadays, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is widely used. MDF is considered better than plywood. It is stronger, denser and more durable.

The thickness of the board normally lies between 2 mm to 7 mm.


You must check if the picture is with or without frame. Most of the wall paintings are fitted with an elegant frame design. The frame provides a border to the picture and enhances its look.

Design & Colour

 From contemporary to modern, religious to quotes there are many designs and art forms to choose from. The design and colour of the wall picture should be a personal choice. It should blend with the existing décor of your living room.

Hook for Hanging

Pre-installed hooks at the back of the painting provide easy and quick installation. Most of the wall pictures come with pre-installed hooks. Some of the paintings have double-sided tapes at the back which makes their alignment easier.

Painting for Living room Decor Ideas

Final Words

Selecting the right artwork for your home may be a challenging task. The wall paintings prove to be the best way to enhance the décor of your living room.

We have made comprehensive research for the best paintings for living room available today. We hope that this article helps you select the best wall art according to your needs.

We look forward to your suggestions. Please feel free to express your views through the comment section below. 

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