7 Best Plastic Plant Pots for Home in India 2023

If you are looking for plant pots for your home, then plastic plant pots are a great option. These plastic pots are not only inexpensive but also highly durable.

These pots are less heavy than ceramic pots which makes their handling easier. Due to their high durability, they last for years without any damage.

If you have ceramic pots in your home, you would have realised that they break easily and the spilled soil destroys the cleanliness of your home. One of the best benefit of the plastic pots is that they are unbreakable.

You can find a large variety of plastic pots. They come in many different designs, shape, size and colour to choose from. In this article, we have listed the 7 best plastic plant pots that you can choose for your home and garden.

List of 7 Best Plastic Plant Pots for Home  

1. Meded Plastic Pots with tray

These pots have been made from 100% virgin plastic which makes them long-lasting, unbreakable, and ideal for heavy-duty use. These are ideal for both indoors and outdoors use.


  • These plant pots come in a set of 9 pots.
  • Trays Included: The bottom trays made of terracotta are provided with the product.
  • The product come in many different sizes and packs. You can choose according to your needs.
  • These are reasonably priced and highly durable pots for plants.

2. Kraft Seeds Multicolour pots

If you are looking for a variety of colours for plant pots, then this product is most ideal for you. These multicolour pots for plants are great for decoration for both indoors as well as outdoors.


  • Set of 6 multicolour plant pots.
  • Size & Weight:  27.8 x 21 x 22.6 cm, 850 gm
  • Bottom trays included with the product.

3. Garden Needs Plant Pot

This unique design white coloured plant pot is sure to compliment your home décor.


  • Set of 3: It is a pack of 3 pots.
  • Size & Weight:  10 inches, 300 gm each.
  • Trays Included: The trays hold excess water and maintains cleanliness of your home. The bottom trays are included with the pots.

4. Eagles Ford  Rectangular Plastic Pot

If you have a collection of plants or flowers, which you wish to add in a large pot, then this plant pot is the best solution. These rectangular shaped pots are large enough to hold your favourite cluster of plants.


  • Set of 3: It comes with a set of 3 rectangular pots.
  • Large Size: Its rectangular shape and large size make it ideal for planting many plants.
  • Durable: The pot is made from high-quality plastic and is long-lasting.
  • It is made of thick plastic so it doesn’t crack.

5. Gardens Need Diamond Pot Set

These elegant design pot set of 5, will complement your home décor. These fancy plastic plant pots are great for indoor use.


  • Set of 5: The product come in a set of 5 pots.
  • Material: Made of polypropylene plastic which is highly durable.
  • Design: The diamond-shaped design makes it look classy and modern.

6. Bulfyss Plastic Hanging Pots

These railing hanging are the perfect for use in balconies.


  • Set of 5: This is a set of 5 hanging pots.
  • Sturdy Handle: It comes with a non-detachable, sturdy handle hook on the side of each planter to allow you to hang it on railings and walls.
  • These railing planters fit in a small area and help in saving space.
  • These planters are ideal to grow plants, herbs, flowers such as money plant, bamboo plant, coriander etc.

7. Pots 4 Nature Gardening Tower Pots

In case you want something unique, this gardening tower with 5 vertical levels will be the perfect fit. Its stylish design will enhance the beauty of your home.


  • Set of 5: The planter is made of 5 stackable pots which can hold 15 plants.
  • Material: Made of polypropylene material which ensures a long life to the product.
  • Each planter is featured with drainage grids that allow water to reach the last tier and makes watering convenient.
  • The gardening pot is can be used anywhere – gardens, living room, balcony, porch.

Best Plastic Plant Pots

How to Choose Best Plastic Pots for Plants?

Since the plastic planters are available in many different designs, styles, colour and material, it may be difficult to choose the perfect plant pot for your needs. While selecting the planter for your home, you can consider there factors:-

Size of Plant Pot:

Size should be the first factor you should consider before buying a planter for your home. As the plant grows, it will require more area for its root. Bigger roots keep the plant healthier.

Drainage System:

You would have noticed drainage holes under the planters. This removes excess water and is a well-designed drainage system. It ensures a long life for the plant.

Design & colour:

Since you are looking for a plant pot that adds to your home décor, design and colour are important factors. Nowadays many designer plant pots are also available for indoor use.


Good quality material ensures high durability to the plastic pot. Many planters are made of polypropylene plastic which is very durable.

Bottom Trays:

When choosing a planter for home, cleanliness plays a major role. These bottom plant trays hold excess water and avoid overspill and keep your home neat & clean. The bottom trays are often provided with the pots.


The plastic pots are very economical and reasonably priced. Unlike ceramic pots, they are unbreakable and thus, long-lasting.


Since these plastic plants are lightweight, they can be easily moved wherever you like. They are easy to maintain and can be cleaned using a wet cloth.

Final Words

We have made comprehensive research for the best plastic plant pots for home available today. We hope that this article helps you select the best plastic planters according to your needs.

We look forward to your suggestions. Please feel free to express your views through the comment section below. 

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