7 Best Up Down Wall Lights Outdoor & Indoor in India 2023

Best Up Down Wall Lights Outdoor | India 2020

After a long and hard day at work, the home is the best place to relax. Your home may look elegant & beautiful in the day but this might not be the case at the night.

Up down wall lights are great for highlighting key architectural features of your home. The way you decorate your outdoor spaces speaks volumes about your aesthetic sense and style

1. CITRA Outdoor Exterior Wall Light


  • LIGHTING: The great 4-way lighting design is perfect for decoration purposes.
  • LED’s: It consists of 4 LED (4 Watt each), Colour: Warm white. The LED’s produce around 600-720 Lumens of lights which is highly effective lightning.
  • WATERPROOF: IP65 rated, this up down wall mounted light is waterproof and does not damage on contact with water.
  • LIFE-SPAN: The LED’s are highly efficient and durable. This results in low power consumption and higher energy savings with more than 50,000 hours life span.
  • OTHER FEATURES: Made of high-quality metal materials, is shockproof, provides instant start and provides smooth lightning.

How to install these wall lights?


  1. The Up Down lights consist of 2 parts mounting base and main fixture.
  2. Screw out the bolts using a screwdriver.
  3. Connect the power cords of the wall lamp to the mains of your home.
  4. Fix the mounting base on your wall.
  5. For cement walls, drilling screws will be required.
  6. Install the main fixture onto the mounting base and fix the screws.

2. SparC Lights Up Down Outdoor Lights “U-Shape”

This elegant U-shaped light design patent will enhance the décor of your home outdoors. The wall lights are also suitable for home indoors, living rooms, drawing room, bedroom etc.


  • DESIGN: The Modern Design of the lights with U-Shaped Light Pattern enhances the look and feel of the area.
  • LED’s: The up down wall light comes with 2 LED (3 Watt Each), Colour Temperature: 3000K
  • The brightness is good and comes with high-quality body.
  • WARRANTY: 8-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

3. Smartway Up & Down Wall Lamp Led Indoor

This LED Wall Light by Smartway is Modern in design and provides a Warm White light. The Compact die-cast body makes it Durable and easy to Install and Gives a Perfect Ambiance. Warm White Lamp is sufficient to light up you room and provide perfect ambient light.


  • SMMOTH FOR EYES: You might have felt uncomfortable with the bright glow of the bulbs. The light solves this problem. It emits perfect light which is ideal for watching TV, reading books, when you wake up at the midnight and need the Soft Ambient Light.
  • GREAT DESIGN: apart from smooth lightning, they look great in your living room, stairs etc.
  • LED’s: 2 LED (3Watt each), colour: Warm white light. No flash, no dazzle
  • WARRANTY: These indoor wall lights come with 1-year warranty.

4. LytZon Multi-Color Up Down Indoor Wall Lamp

These modern triangle design Wall Lamp by LytZon provide multi-colour, stylish lightning effect to your home.


  • LED’s: The light comes with 5 Watt Multi-colour LED’s, 120-degree beam angle.
  • MATERIAL: Aluminium, Body Colour: Silver & Black Powder Coated.
  • LIFE-SPAN: The LED is highly durable with more than 50,000 estimated working hours.
  • Professional electrician may be required for installation.
  • CONS: Plug is not provided with the lights.

5. Smartway Triangle LED Wall Lamp

Smartway Provides World-class designs Best Quality products, catering the Lighting requirements of the customers.


  • LED’s: 3 LED (3 Watt each). LED’s  are much more efficient than the filament light, Colour: Warm White
  • Convex Lens: The light comes with a convex lens which gives High Light Transmittance from 3 Directions to Cover the Maximum Area.
  • MATERIAL: The Up Down lamp is made of Durable & Rust Resistant, Aluminium. The lamp body is strong and non-fragile.
  • These lights are Small and Compact which adds elegance to its design.
  • WARRANTY: Comes with a 1-year warranty.

6. LIGHTWAY Up Down LED Wall Sconce Light

The Light Way multi-colour light will give a classy look to your home indoors.


  • LED’s: 8 Watt Inbuilt Led Driver, Separate Bulb not required. The light is more suitable for indoor use and ideal for dining room, drawing room, lobby, hall, stairs etc.
  • CONS: Not Waterproof, Little Costly but Value for Money product.
  • Material: Aluminium, Body Colour: Silver

7. Gesto Up Down Wall Lights Outdoor

The Gesto up down wall lights are perfect for both traditional as well as contemporary styles. Apart from outdoor home decoration, it can be used for bedrooms, living rooms, children’s rooms, stairs, corridors, etc.

The wall light is simple yet Attractive and elegant and makes the outdoor wall light very cool, sleek and bright.


  • MATERIAL: The wall light is made of pure aluminium, the outdoor wall sconces are solid, scratch-resistant and durable.
  • WATTS: 6 W (2 LED each of 3W), LED colour temperature- 3000K.
  • ADJUSTABLE LED: The beam angle of this outdoor wall light LED’s is adjustable, which allows you to adjust the light settings to set the effect you want.
  • WATER PROOF: The Up Down lights are IP65 rated which means they are water proof and suitable for outdoor use. The lights are designed to withstand extreme sunlight and adverse climatic conditions.
  • CONS: The lights are not waterproof in very heavy rains & No Warranty is provided.

Benefits of Up Down Wall Lights...

Up Down Wall Mounted Lights are the best tool which adds to the décor of your home outdoors. Best up down lights decorate your homes with charming outdoor wall mounted lighting.

These elegant outdoor wall lights not only look stylish but they are energy efficient. So you don’t have to worry much about the electricity bills any more.

Up Down Lights are a great way of creating a joyful atmosphere in the home. They wash the wall with a decorative two-way pattern of light for a cosy, welcoming effect.

The best up and down lights are available in many different styles, so you can choose the right wall lights to suit your home’s exterior. We have compiled the best up down wall lights outdoors which are provided below:

How to choose Best Up Down Wall Lights?

When shopping for up down lights, you may come across many brands and models, which may seem confusing to choose from. You should choose the best up down wall lights which are suitable for your home décor, matches your furniture, and other accessories.

Before buying the up down wall lights lights, you should consider some factors:-

Up Down lights for Outdoors

For outdoor wall lightning purpose, make sure that the lights are water proof, rust proof and weather resistant. It should tolerate adverse climatic conditions such as bright sunshine, rainfall etc.

Up Down lights for Indoors

For indoor lighting purpose, designer up down lights would be a good choice. Multi-colour wall mounted light is also a great choice.

Questions related to Up Down Wall Lights:

Are the Lights water proof?

Most of the lights are water proof and corrosion resistant, but make sure to check before buying.

How long the up-down LED lights last?

The life span of the LED’s are normally about 50,000 hours. Also, may lights are covered under a warranty period.

Can we replace the LED?

Usually, the LED is non-replaceable.

What is the power rating of the up-down wall lamps?

It is different for various lights but generally in range of 5W – 16 W.

Are Up-Down lights suitable for decorating purpose?

Yes, they are a great option for home décor.


We have made comprehensive research for the best up down wall lights for outdoors & indoors available today. We hope that this article helps you select the best up down lights according to your needs. We look forward to your suggestions. Please feel free to express your views through the comment section below. 

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