7 Best Wall Lights for Living Room in India 2023

When it comes to home décor, the wall lights are a great option!

The best wall lights give a touch of style and sophistication to your living room’s walls. These living room wall lights not only create ambient lightning but also brightens up space.

If you are a late night book reader, then the wall lights offer a perfect solution.

The wall lights for the living room come in many styles, designs and materials which makes it a little confusing to choose one. In this article, we have discussed the best 7 wall lights for a living room in India.

List of Best Wall Lamps for Living Room

1. Imperial Hanging Wall Lamp for Living Room


  • Design: The modern design of this wall light will give your living room a beautiful look.
  • Material: The light is made of high-quality wood and glass. The use of superior quality electrical components gives .long lasting performance.
  • LED: The wall lamp is fitted with a bulb holder, but the bulb is not included with the product.
  • Ideal For: Apart from the living room, this wall lamp is ideal for bedrooms, dining room and lobby.
  • Elegant and good looking
  • Unique Design
  • Value for Money Product
  • Bulb not included
  • Small Sized Lamp

2. Homesake Edison Cone Wall Lamp


  • Design: If you are looking for a vintage style lamp, then this wall luminaire will be a perfect choice. This cone-shaped wall Sconces Light features a modern & vintage look and adds to home décor.
  • Material: This lamp is made of high-quality brass and iron which ensures a long life to the wall lamp. The baking paint finish gives it a classy look and protects the lampshade from rust.
  • 240° Adjustable Angle It comes with an adjustable knob that allows you to adjust the angle of the lamp according to your needs. The adjustable head is solid and well-built to provide perfect utility.
  • Aluminium Socket Holder The bulb holder comes with a God finish. The cone-shaped metal has a black polyester epoxy coating with a golden lining inside which gives it a long life.
  • LED: E27 bulb holder is installed in the lamp. Also, the bulb is included with the product.
  • Ideal For: The wall mounted lights are great for use in dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, hallways etc.
  • Installation: The installation may be a little difficult and may require a professional.
  • Beautiful Design
  • High Build Quality
  • Bulb is included
  • Little Expensive

3. Philips Comet Wall light


  • Design: The wall-mounted lamp by Philips is Aesthetically designed to add to your home décor.
  • Material: Philips is a well-renowned brand. The lamp from Philips consists of a sturdy and robust plastic sheet which makes the product durable.
  • Other Features: The wall light is simple and easy to install, classy, and value for money.
  • Simple and Elegant Design
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Easy Installation
  • No negative feedback obtained yet

4. Gesto Curved Living Room Wall Lights


  • Design: It consists of a creative curved shaped design and is perfect for illuminating dull rooms.
  • Water proof: The light is waterproof. It’s anti-fog and anti-rust properties make it a highly durable product.
  • Adjustable Multiple Angles: The light is also featured with a 360-degree adjustable knob which allows you to adjust the angle as per your needs.
  • LED: It comes with a durable LED light that has a long life and lasts over 60,000 hours.
  • This curved wall LED is an also perfect option for cabinets, bathrooms, bedrooms, dressing table, hallways.
  • Stylish Design
  • 360 Degree Adjustable Knob
  • Comes with Long life LED
  • Little Expensive compared to other products

5. Smartway Rectangular Wall LED Lights


  • Design: The modern and classy rectangular design of these living room wall lights is sure to complement the décor of your walls.
  • Material: The lamp consists of Solid Aluminium and High Acrylic finish which creates a perfect light ambience in the room.
  • No Glare: The light will be comfortable to the eyes. They do not have glare and are perfect to lighten up the room. They are also perfect for reading books and watching TV.
  • Anti-rust: The lamp is rust-resistant which ensures a long life for the product.
  • LED: It comes installed with a 6W LED which has an average life span of 50,000 hours.
  • Modern Design
  • High Build Quality
  • Built in LED
  • Difficult Installation and may require a Professional

6. SparC Lights Up Down Wall Lights


  • DESIGN: The Modern U-Shaped Design Pattern of the lights enhances the look of the living room.
  • LED’s: The up down wall light comes with 2 LED (3 Watt Each).
  • WARRANTY: 8-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer.
  • The wall lights are also suitable for home indoors, dining rooms, drawing room, bedroom etc.
  • Sleek Design
  • Water-proof and rust-proof
  • Comes with Built-in LED’s
  • Good for low lightning need

Smartway Triangle LED Wall Light for living room


  • Design: The light comes with a convex lens which gives High Light Transmittance from 3 Directions to Cover the Maximum Area.
  • MATERIAL: The Up Down lamp is made of Durable & Rust Resistant, Aluminium. The lamp body is strong and non-fragile.
  • These lights are Small and Compact which adds elegance to its design.
  • LED’s: 3 LED (3 Watt each). LED’s are much more efficient than filament light.
  • WARRANTY: Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Compact Design
  • Comes with 3 LED’s
  • Provided with 1 year warranty
  • No Negative Feedback Obtained yet

How to choose best wall lights for your living room?

Since there are thousands of brands and models of wall lights, it may be confusing to choose one that perfectly fits your needs. You should go for the wall lamp which complements the décor of your home, and matches with the furniture and other accessories of the room.

These factors will help you choose the perfect wall mounted light for your living room:-

Material :

The build quality of the light is important factor to consider. These wall lights are available in many materials such as metal, glass, fibre, plastic etc. The high build quality makes the light highly durable and long lasting.

Style :

The style of the lights should blend with your home interiors. You can choose any design – traditional, vintage or modern. The wall lights should match and complement the décor of your rooms.

LED Included :

Many wall lamps come with built in LED’s, so you don’t have to arrange any extra bulbs. Some lamps are provided with light bulb included with the lamps. You should check if light bulb is included with the lamps before purchasing.

Rust-Resistant :

Most of the lamps are made of durable rust-resistant material which extends the life of the product.

Warranty :

Some lamps come with a warranty of 1 or 2 years from the manufacturer. You should always check for ant warranty provided before purchasing the lights for your living room.


We have made comprehensive research for the best wall mounted lights for the living room available today. We hope that this article helps you select the best wall lamps for your living room according to your needs.

We look forward to your suggestions. Please feel free to express your views through the comment section below. 

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