5 Best Wallpapers for Bedroom Walls in India 2023

If you looking to decorate your bedroom walls, then wallpapers can be a striking idea!

The wallpapers for the bedroom can decorate and enhance the style of your home. They add colours and creative textures to your walls.

After long and busy work in the office, the bedroom is the place to relax. These beautiful wallpaper designs for the bedroom will help you relieve stress and relax after a busy day.

Selecting the right wallpaper design is important to embrace the style and look of your room. Now, it might be confusing to select the best bedroom wallpaper out of many designs available.

In this article, we have selected some of the best wallpapers for bedroom walls.

List of Best Bedroom Wallpapers

1. Wollzo Golden Floral Bed Room Wallpaper

This charming floral wallpaper will transform the entire look of your bedroom. This is one of the best wallpaper for bedroom walls.

The golden floral designs with vibrant colours & pattern is sure to redesign your bedroom walls. The wallpaper is best suited for light coloured walls.


  • Dimension: 45 cm x 500cm
  • Design: The premium golden floral design gives a new look to the walls.
  • Easy to Install: The wallpapers stickers are self-adhesive and peel & paste type.
  • Durability: Apart from these, the wallpaper is waterproof and heat resistant. This makes the bedroom wallpaper highly durable and long-lasting.

2. ELTON Marble Wallpaper for Walls

If you are planning to have tiles on your walls, this marble wallpaper can be a perfect alternative. This bedroom wallpaper will give a luxurious marble look to your walls.

It is a reasonable & ideal solution for one who don’t want to invest unnecessary for the tiles or the brickwork.  It is a beautiful piece of craft to decorate your room walls.


  • Dimensions: 2 feet x 12 feet. Also available in other dimensions. Please select according to your needs.
  • Material: Made of excellent quality PVC Vinyl material.
  • Design: The wallpaper is designed to replicate the marble look and style it on your home walls.
  • Multipurpose: Apart from the walls, it is great for covering Amirahs, kitchen cabinets, doors, shelves, tables etc.
  • Self-Adhesive: The bedroom sticker is easy to install. Just peel off the adhesive backing paper and stick to the wall.
  • Easy to clean: The wallpaper is dust-proof & water-proof. You can clean it using a damp cloth or even a sponge.

3. Wollzo Red Leaf Bedroom Wallpaper

This simple yet elegant bedroom wallpaper with red leaves and branches is sure to make your room more attractive. It gives a premium look and really enhances the looks of the walls.


  • Dimensions: 45 x 500 cms. Also available in other dimensions. Please select according to your needs.
  • Material: Made of PVC Vinyl material.
  • Self-Adhesive: The wallpaper is peel & stick type and can be self installed.  
  • Other Features: The wallpaper is anti-stain, heat and water resistant.

4. Wolpin Wall 3D Stickers Wallpaper

If you are looking for a unique and different design, this bedroom wall sticker can be a great choice. The creative design of the wallpapers will glow up your room. It will envelope your bedroom in style and creativity.


  • Dimensions: 45 cm x 500 cm
  • Design: The rectangular boxes with trees of this 3D bedroom wallpaper provides a unique look to the room.
  • Material: Made with quality Eco and PVC Vinyl material.
  • Ideal for: The wallpaper is ideal to decorate  living room, hall, bathroom, kitchen and drawing rooms.
  • Easy Installation: The installation gridlines are given on the back of the bedroom sticker. It is a simple peel and sticker type wallpaper.
  • Durable: This 3D decorative wallpaper is Heat resistant, Oil-resistant, Waterproof and Eco-friendly.
  • Safe for Walls: If you need to re-position the wallpaper after applying, you can remove the sticker without damaging the walls.

5. Wolpin Golden Floral wallpaper

You will be impressed with the golden colour texture of this bedroom wallpaper. This eye-catching bedroom wallpaper adds a textured pattern to enhance the wall décor.


  • Dimensions: 45 x 500 Centimeters
  • Design: The golden floral artwork on a white background is sure to elevate the décor of your room walls.  
  • Material: Composed of PVC Vinyl.

How to choose best wallpaper for bed room?

Choosing the right wallpaper can sometimes be a tedious work. With so many colours, designs and patterns available, it may become confusing to select the best wallpaper design for home. These points will help you choose right wallpaper as per your needs.

Style & Pattern

The pattern defines the look and feel of the space. The choice of style depands on your preferences and interests.

For a casual style, designs such as plants and decorative textured prints are a good choice. The floral wallpapers are a great option for a romantic space.

If you wish a modern style, you can go for the 3D wall decals with unique patterns. For a traditional style, wall stickers with stripes can be selected.


The colour is an important part when selecting the wallpaper. The colour of the wallpaper should match with the décor and the furniture of your bedroom.

For a room with good lightning, dark shade colours can be good preference. A room with poor natural light is an ideal candidate for a shiny metallic wallpaper to reflect light deeper into the room.

Where to use

Different wallpapers can be used on the accent wall i.e. the wall behind the bed and the surrounding walls.

You can choose the wall behind the bed with elegant, dark textured and warning design visuals. Light coloured designs will look nice for the surrounding walls. The combination of dark shade accent walls and light surrounding walls should leave an eye-catchy ambience.

Common questions related to Bedroom Wallpapers

How many wallpaper rolls should I buy for my room walls?

The number of wallpapers needed depends on the dimensions of wall and the wallpapers. The given steps will help you decide the number of wallpapers required to cover the wall.

  1. First, measure the length and height of the wall where you wish to apply the wall sticker.
  2. Let us say, for example, that the dimensions of wall are 10 feet x 10 feet ( Lx H) which is same as 300 x 300 cms.
  3. These wallpapers come in rolls of different sizes. The most common is 45 cms x 500 cms.
  4. To calculate the number of rolls needed, we can divide the wall surface are by the wallpaper area.
  5. This gives Surface Area/ Wallpaper area i.e. (300 x 300) / (45 x 500) which gives 4.
  6. It is always better to have 1 wallpaper extra.
  7. So, 5 wallpapers will be required to cover a wall of 10 x 10 feet.
  8. You can find the required rolls for any wall dimensions using this idea.

How to apply these Bedroom wallpapers?

The wallpapers are peel and stick type and can be installed easily. The installation steps are provided below.

  1. Remove the devices mounted on the wall such as clocks or wall paintings or family frames.
  2. Clean the wall using a soft cloth. The wall surface should be free of dirt and dust and dry.
  3. Measure the height of your wall and cut the wallpaper accordingly.
  4. For example, if your wall height is 1 foot which is 300 cms and the length of the wallpaper is 500 cms, cut & divide the wallpaper to 300 cms and 200 cms height.
  5. The gridlines provided on the back of the wallpaper are helpful.
  6. Now, peel the wallpaper and apply it gently on the wall.
  7. After applying the press firmly on the bedroom wallpapers to make them firm.
  8. Although these wall stickers for the bedroom are easy to apply, yet some precaution must be taken.
  9. Never apply them on wet or newly painted wall.
  10. The wall surface should be smooth and clean.

Can I remove and reposition the wallpaper?

 If you have already installed the wallpaper and you wish to remove and re-position it, that is possible. But you should remove the wall sticker carefully and gently.

The wallpaper can be removed but its adhesive properties will reduce. So the best choice is to apply the wallpaper properly at the first attempt.

Will these wallpapers may damage the wall on removing?

The wallpapers do not damage the walls if removed carefully and gently.

Are these bedroom wall papers durable?

These stickers for wall are made from excellent quality PVC Vinyl which is long lasting. They are great and economical alternative to tiles and expensive brickwork.

These wall decals are water-proof and heat-resistant, making them highly durable.

How can I clean these wall decals?

They are water and dustproof, which makes them easy to clean. Also, they have excellent anti-stain properties which prevent stains. They can be cleaned by using a soft wet cloth.

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Final Words

When it comes to decorating home, the bedroom is the first place to start. These best wallpapers envelop the bedroom walls with style and creativity.

We hope that this article helps you select the best wallpaper for bedroom according to your style. We look forward to your suggestions. Please feel free to express your views through the comment section below. 

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