Top 8 Best Carpets for Kids Room in India 2023

Colours, Colours & More Colours! That’s what every child desires.

Most carpets for kid’s room are bright and fun, with designs that spark imagination and encourage playtime. Apart from a soft and comfortable touch, the carpet will add to the decor of your kid’s bedroom.

With so many shapes, colours and patterns to choose from, finding the best carpet for your kid’s room can be a difficult task. When selecting carpet for your child’s room, it is very important to consider the child’s interest and favourite cartoon characters.

We have compiled a list of best carpets for kid’s room in India. Also, we have tried to answer some of your doubts which will help you with selecting a suitable carpet for your kid’s room.

List of 8 Best Carpets for Kid’s Room

1. Athom Trendz Polyester Kids Room Carpet

It is the perfect floor covering for the child’s room or play area. This carpet will impress your kids with its most beautiful, luxurious, and Soft Runner Carpet available which can be their style statement as well.

Key Features

  • These carpets are made from High strength nylon making it highly durable.
  • The carpet is Rectangular- 3 ft x 5 ft.
  • These carpets come with anti-skid latex backing making it a safe play mat for the child. It ideal for the child to sit on it and play with toys or games.
  • The carpets are easily washable so you need not worry about your child staining it.
  • Washing Instructions:
  • Can be washed with hot and cold water, but should not be washed with other clothes.
  • Use of bleach and fabric softeners and fade the colours and should be avoided.
  • Is both Hand and Machine Washable.

2. Toy Cloud Puzzle Pattern Play Mat for Children Room

This is carpet plus a puzzle mats and a unique toy designed for kids. This mat for the kid’s room consists of cute patterns on both sides.

Key Features

  • It is made of high-density foam, which makes it highly durable.
  • The mat is comfortable provides cushion for hard floor surfaces thick enough to protect your child while still gripping to the floor.
  • Puzzle mat help in motor and cognitive skill development of the child.
  • Interlocking & pop-out puzzle tiles mats interlock with simple puzzle connection for secure, seamless look detachable edge pieces allows any tile to be a corner, border, or centre.
  • It easy-to-install, wash, and maintain mat, is also designed to be used as a kid’s toy.

3. Arditex Paw Patrol Carpet for Kid’s Room

This Colourful Cartoon rug is The perfect floor covering for the child’s room or play area. Also, it is ideal to decorate spaces and floors with your kid’s favourite cartoon characters.

Key Features

  • PRIMARY MATERIAL: The carpet is made of Polyester which gives a super-soft and shiny finish to the carpet.
  • ANTI-SKID: The carpet comes with anti-skid latex backing which makes it a safe play mat for the children.
  • SIZE: Rectangular, 45x75cms.
  • VARIETY: Different colours and cartoon designs available, please select.
  • EASILY-WASHABLE: When buying cartoon carpets for kids room, the first question which comes to mind is ‘Is this mat Washable?’ These carpets are easily washable and you need not worry about your child staining them.
  • OTHER FEATURES: The carpets are printed with Azo-free dyes and hence these carpets are skin-friendly, making it ideal for the child to sit on it and play with toys or games.

4. Kurtzy High Quality Play Mat/ Carpet for Kids Room

Kurtzy kid’s carpet innovatively depicts streets filled with a restaurant, cafe, police station, hospitals, houses, stores and more. The kid’s playmat is ideal for use in playrooms, nursery or bedrooms and feeds the imagination with the design.

Key Features

  • MATERIAL: The rug is designed with high-quality material with non-toxic game rugs. The base material is environmental-friendly, wear-resistant and surging protection.
  • SIZE: This High Quality Kid’s Rug comes in 146 x 82 cms.
  • ANTI-SKID: TPR liner provides an excellent skid-proof function to avoid unwanted movements of the rug.
  • The carpets are easily washable so you need not worry about your child staining it.
  • OTHER-FEATURES: It is easy to clean, and can be rolled and stored in less space. Its soft material provides children with a happy moment to sit and play on!
  • The carpet is ideal for kid’s playrooms, nurseries & day-care.

If you are willing to buy this rug for a dual purpose – as your kid’s room carpet and play area, you can consider buying the Hot-Wheels cars pack which will provide a playing experience.

5. Athom Trendz Kids Runner Carpet With Cartoons

Made of high strength nylon, the printed runner carpets for kids room come in the most attractive characters, colours and styles to suit your kids bedroom décor. These carpets can be the new style quotient of the kid bedroom!

Key Features

  • Available in different Colours, Designs and Cartoon Characters, Please Select.
  • MATERIAL: High-Quality Polyester & Polyester Blend.
  • SIZE: Rectangular, 2ft x 4.5 ft.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE: These carpets are made using azo-free dyes and chemicals and are very safe for the child to play on!
  • ANTI-SKID: These carpets are coated with anti-skid latex on the back which makes this kids carpet steady and stable on the floor.
  • EASILY-WASHABLE: When buying carpets for kids room, the first thing that comes in mind is “What if the carpet gets Dirty”? This carpet is easy to clean. It can be washed with cold water with a soft cloth, use of brush is not recommended. Do not dry the carpet on the wire, let the carpet dry on a clean floor.
  • LITTLE EXPENSIVE: The carpet is a bit overpriced, but the quality, rich colours and designs explain its price. This is a value for money product.

6. Siya ram furnishing Ivory Round Rug for Child Bedroom

In terms of comfort and softness, this carpet should be the first choice. The Carpet from Siya Ram Furnishing composes quality craftsmanship and unmatched style to enhance the beauty of your children’s room.

Key Features

  • SIZE: Round, 3 ft. Pile height – 2inches.
  • MATERIAL: Its Microfiber 2-inch pile height is comprised of virtually non-shedding polypropylene yarn.
  • COMFORT: The soft yarn provides the greatest comfort and cosy feeling. The carpet is ideal for kids room, living room, balcony etc.
  • The carpets are easily washable so you need not worry about your child staining it.

7. E Home Cart Eva Kid’s Interlocking Multi Color Play Mat

Key Features

  • MATERIAL: The tiles are made of high-density non-toxic EVA foam which provides a soft, comfortable cushion.
  • SIZE: Square-shaped tiles, 60 x 60 cms and 1 cm thick each. This product contains 4 tiles, however you can choose 8 and 16 tile mats for your kid’s room also.
  • PROTECTION: The foam mat is designed to protect your spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors.
  • HIGHLY-DURABLE: The kid’s mat is highly durable as well as moisture-resistant and heat-insulating.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The foam mat can be easily cleaned by using a lightly wet cloth.
  • OTHER-USES: The kid’s mat is versatile. It can be used as playing mat for your kid’s, for yoga exercise etc. Highly Durable: The mat is high

8. Vic Kids Room & Picnic Mat

This beautiful designed mat can add to the décor of your kids room. This is a foldable mat and ideal for picnics.

Key Features

  • The dimensions of the mat are 5.8 x 5 feet and a thickness of 6 mm.
  • Cushioned Surface Ensures A soft surface For Rolling, tumbling and falling.
  • The Mat has been engineered to provide your child with a SAFE, NON-TOXIC, EDUCATIONAL and ECO-FRIENDLY.
  • The Kid’s Carpet is Very Easy To Clean by Simply Wiping With a Wet Cloth.
  • It is great for use while playing video games, watching movies, and even as a tent floor when camping.

Points to consider before selecting the best kid’s room carpet

We have selected some carpets for kids room considering these different factors which will help you in selecting a required carpet for your kids room.

Design and Pattern

Kid’s carpets come in a variety of colours, patterns and cartoon characters. Choose a carpet which matches with the décor of your child’s room. Kids prefer colourful & cartoon design carpets for their room. It requires coordination between your room décor and your kids interest.


Although Natural fibres look and feel great but any sort of damage or stain can be very costly. Synthetic carpets are advised for kids room as they are more durable, stain-resistant and affordable.


For children room, dark-coloured carpet is a better choice as it hides dirt and dust compared to light-coloured carpet. However, the choice will be your personal preference.

Easy to Clean

Children will play, run and make a mess on the carpet. Thus, a strain-resistant, easy to clean carpet will be a better choice.


Your child will be running, jumping and playing on their bedroom carpet, so durability is the key. A durable carpet will last much longer than more expensive, luxurious types of carpet.

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We have made comprehensive research for the best carpets for kids room available today. We hope that this article helps you select the best kid’s carpet according to your needs.

We look forward to your suggestions. Please feel free to express your views through the comment section below. 

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