Family Photo Frame Design Ideas for Wall in India 2023

Are you looking for creative family photo frame design ideas to treasure your precious family moments?

The stylish picture frame designs for family highlights the lovely adorable time you had with your family. These elegant family photo frame designs also make a great piece of wall art.

The picture frames can transform the plain boring walls to attractive. They preserve and display beautiful memories of our past. These elegant design picture frames add to the home décor.

 There are many family picture frame design ideas. Ranging from the family tree to collage designs, we will explore the unique family photo frame design ideas for home.

1. Painting Mantra Family Memories Photo Frame

Relive your golden past family memories by highlighting them in these photo frames. If you have multiple images to showcase and not sure which frame to choose, then this product is a perfect choice.

This collage picture frame is great design ideas to decorate your home walls. These collage family picture frame design will bring vibrant and modish touch to plain walls of the living room. The simple yet elegant design of this frame makes it an ideal gift option for friends and relatives.


  • The collage family frame consists of 14 piece set.
  • The frames are made of high-quality synthetic wood. The frame base is made of 2.3mm thick MDF board.
  • They come with matt Korean foil that adds a smooth touch  and a premium look to the photo frames.
  • These collage design frames are covered with unbreakable plexi glass to protect your photographs.
  • The frames are light-weight, unbreakable and smash free.
  • You can align the frames vertically and horizontally as desired.

2. Art street Family Tree Design Photo Frame

A family tree is a unique and creative picture frame design idea. The family tree frames gives an adorable and attractive look to the living room walls.

These are a great idea to transform empty walls to stylish artwork. The family trees can also be used to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special functions.


  • The family tree frame consists of 12 Piece set with tree branches, birds, and leaves.
  • The frame base is made of Medium Density Fibreboard which is lightweight & strong.
  • These accessories are provided with self Adhesive Tape for easy installation.
  • These elegant design frames are reasonably priced and value for money product.

3. Ajanta Classic Design Photo Frames

These are premium quality image frames from Ajanta brand. These are one of the best design ideas to frame your happy family moments.

The frames provide a royal look to the wall. The black-bordered frames are perfect to turn your everyday photos into a spectacular artwork display.


  • Set of 12 photo frames allows you add multiple pictures.
  • Made from synthetic polymer wood which makes them highly durable and long-lasting.
  • The thick black border and clear glass on the front adds to the beauty of your images.
  • This photo frame set can be hung in both portrait and landscape orientation.
  • The metal tabs on back are designed to install the photographs easily & quickly.

4. Art Street Black & White picture frame designs

The contemporary black & white frame design ideas are perfect for creating a chic picture collage. Your neighbours and visitors would appreciate the simple yet elegant photo frame design concept.

The combination of black & white-bordered frames enhances the look and appearance of room walls.


  • Set of 11 picture frames – 5 Black & 6 White.
  • The frame base is made of Synthetic Wood and MDF back.
  • On the top, plexi glass is provided to protect the artwork or the photographs.
  • Opening the frame and inserting pictures is simple and easy.
  • The frames are breakable if dropped from a height. You need to be careful while installing them on the walls.

5. Paper Plane Family Tree Concept

This is another elegant family tree frame by Paper plane brand. Paper plane is a renowned brand for quality work in the field of printed technologies and home décor.

The frames are great for wrapping together happiness and beautiful family moments.


  • Consists of 13 frames set with tree branches and leaves.
  • These frames can cover a wall area of 72 Inch x 45 Inch which makes the wall eye-Cathy.
  • Frames are made of high-quality engineering wood and attached with strong hanging hooks.

6.Amazon Brand White photo frame design

These wall picture frames can be a great way to decorate your walls. You have the choice to mount the pictures in one large cluster to create a collage of memories or mount on different walls in smaller clusters. 


  • Consists of set 12 wall hanging frames of different sizes.
  • This variation of sizes allows you to design your pictures and pictures frames in any arrangement you desire.
  • Frame border is white and made of quality synthetic wood.
  • The back panel is composed of MDF with glass sheet between frame and back panel.

7. Xpression Decor Table Photo Frame Art

Table picture frames for family is also a creative design idea. This photo frames can be a great alternative to wall hanging frames.

The simple yet attractive design of this family frame is sure to adorn your home interiors. This frame can also be a thoughtful housewarming gift for your friends and family.


  • Made of natural wood frame border and MDF back.
  • The flexi glass is provided to protect the picture from scratches and damage.
  • The table support is strong and keeps the frame firm and sturdy.

How to hang the photo frames on wall?

Installing photo frames is simple and quick. There is no drilling or screws in the walls required. The steps for mounting family frame on the wall are given below:

  1. A seamless nail will be provided along with the frame.
  2. First of all, align the nail to the centre.
  3.  Punch the nail in the wall with a hammer.
  4. Hang the picture frame onto the seamless nail by inserting S hook into the top of the seamless nail.
  5. It is very easy to hang these frames as no drilling is needed.

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How to clean photo frame glass?

With time, dirt and dust form on the picture frames. This can spoil the beautiful display of your frames. Thus, cleaning and regular maintenance of photo frame glass become important.

Cleaning photo frames is quite simple but you must take in account some important factors as shown in the steps below.

  • Requirements – You will need a glass cleaning solution such as Coolin and a soft cloth for cleaning photo frame glass.
  • It is recommended to remove the frame for the wall while cleaning. This avoids any risks of accidentally falling and shattering of picture frames.
  1. Take the soft cloth and apply glass cleaner directly to the cloth, rather on the glass.
  2. This will prevent overspray and seeping of liquid between glass and frame.
  3. Now gently wipe the frame glass surface in a circular motion to remove the dirt.
  4. Sometimes, dust collects on the corners. Ensure that the corners are cleaned well.
  5. Now take a dry cloth and wipe the glass. Clean the frame border.
  6. The picture frame is good to be hanged again to showcase your photographs.

Final Words

With the advancement of technology, we have the power to capture and store family moments with our phones. But these lovely memories remain stored or trapped in our smartphones or cloud storage.

There are many family photo frame designs to choose from. Apart from displaying our memorable family moments, these frames add uniqueness to the home. They also serve as a great gift option to your relatives and near & dear ones.

This is all about the family picture frames design ideas. We hope that this article helps you select the best family photo frame according to your needs.

We look forward to your suggestions. Please feel free to express your views through the comment section below. 

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