7 Best Modern Design Table lamps for living room in India 2023

Ambient lighting sets the mood and creates a joyful environment. The table lamps are a great choice to lighten up your living room.

Apart from lighting, the table lamps for living room will bring charm and modern feel to your home.

The choice of the table lamp should be according to the décor of your living room. You can go for traditional as well as modern styles.

These lamps come in many sizes, material, style, colour etc. which makes it confusing to select the best table lamp for the living room. This article will help you choose the best table lamp for your living room.

We have compiled some of the best table lamp shades for the living room.

1. Homesake Wooden Table Lamp for Living Room

This Wooden Table lamp from Home Sake will enhance the look of your living room. The design of the table lamp meets style as well as fashion needs. It is featured with classic silhouette in a wood construction and is paired with linen shade.


  • MATERIAL: The base is made of durable wood and solid base that ensures stability.
  • DESIGN: The vintage rustic look of the lamp adds elegance to the home décor.
  • HEIGHT: 50 cm , BASE: 12.5 x 12.5cm; 1.07 Kilograms
  • OTHER FEATURES: The lamp has a ON/OFF switch and 1.5m long cord which provides ease of use.
  • The lamp is also ideal for placing on your nightstand or side table beside sofa & Bed.
  • The bulb is included with the product & it is value for money product.

2. Voroly Modern Table Lamp for Living Room

The oval shade and unique wooden base gives the lamp a modern look. The modern design of this table lamp adds to the beauty of your home décor.


  • MATERIAL: Base – Wood and Alloy, Shade – Fabric with Linen Shade.
  • DESIGN: The oval light shade defines fine workmanship and provides soft & comfortable light. The table light is also available in rectangular and cylindrical designs.
  • HEIGHT: 12.9 cm, BASE:30 x 25 cm
  • DURABLE: High-quality alloy lamp body is corrosion resistant and ensures high durability.
  • The On/ Off switch style is a push button.
  • WARRANTY: 6 months Warranty is provided by the manufacturer.
  • Bulb is not included with the lamp.

3. ExclusiveLane Pyramid Sheesham Wooden Table Lamp

The living room lamp is uniquely handmade & hand painted with miniature details by skilled craftsmen. The Shesham Wooden Lamp with its natural brown colour gives an appealing look and adorable feel to your living room.


  • MATERIAL: Base: Sheesham Wood, SHADE: Made Of Cotton Cloth Wrapped Over Polyvinyl.
  • DESIGN: The lamp is pyramid shaped with square tapered which is artistically handcrafted in Sheesham wood.
  • With it’s elegant design, it creates a sophisticated and ambience.
  • It features an ON/OFF switch.
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty is provided.
  • CONS: The bulb is not provided with the product.

4. Homesake Ceramic Table Lamp

The ceramic lamp from homesake has a perfect smooth finish and is great choice for home decoration. The linen shade illuminates the space with smooth and glare-free lighting.


  • MATERIAL: The lamp is made of glazed ceramic and cone shaped natural linen shade. The high quality ceramics provides a glossy finish to the lamp.
  • The lamp comes with 1.5m long wire and an ON/ OFF switch which provides ease of use.
  • HEIGHT: The ceramic lamp is 25 cm tall.
  • The lamp is also ideal for dining room, halls, decorative accessory and bedrooms.
  • PROS: It Comes included with a E27 bulb.
  • CONS: The lamp is breakable and should be kept away from the reach of children.

5. Exclusivelane Jute Wooden Lamp Shade

This artistic table lampshade is handcrafted with wooden base and jute shade. It features Madhubani art and will add a vibrant glow to your living room.


  • MATERIAL: Base – Lipin Wood and Shade-Jute.
  • DESIGN: The conical lampshade with natural materials i.e. wood and jute carry a fragment of indigenous Indian art and culture.
  • HEIGHT: 7 inches, BASE: 5.9 * 6.3  inch, COLOUR Natural Brown.
  • OTHER ASPECTS: The lamp also features a pattern of strings and hanging ghungroo’s which gives it an attractive, pleasant look.
  • It comes with an ON/ OFF switch for ease of access.
  • Bulb is not included with the lampshade.
  • CONS: The lamp is delicate and should be handled carefully.

6. Kraftinn Decorative Bamboo Table Lamp

This table lamp from kraftinn is composed of Bamboo and Wood, which gives it a natural look. The perforation pattern provides a warm ambient glow and calm ambience. The lamp creates  inviting  and relaxing environment in your living room.


  • MATERIAL: BASE: The base is made of wood and the shade from Bamboo.
  • DESIGN: The table lamp modern features antique or contemporary design. Cylinder shade with traditional cross net design creates a unique lightning ambience.
  • HEIGHT: 17.5 inch, Base: 6.5 inch diameter.
  • EASY ON EYES: The lamp has a plastic film inside which ensures smooth and glare-free perfect light.
  • It’s compact circular design makes it suitable for use in offices, dining room, for decoration, bedroom table lamps.
  • LED: E27 bulb holder is installed in the living room lamp. However, the bulb is not included.

7. Earthenmetal Mushroom Living Room Table Lamp

If you are fond of colours, then this is the best table lamp for your living room. This beautifully crafted mushroom shaped lamp bring a splash of beautiful colours in your home.


  • MATERIAL:  The table lamp is made with hand cut pieces of high quality glass beads. The base is white and the beads are multi-colours.
  • DESIGN: The handmade lamp features exquisite mosaic art work. Available in many designs and colours, select as per your choice.
  • HEIGHT: 23 cm. Base – 17 x 17 cm.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The lamp is easy to install and clean. You can use a dry clean cloth.
  • The bulb is not included. 50 W incandescent or a 5 W LED bulb is recommended.
  • CONS: The quality of bulb holder is not up to the mark.
  • The lamp is delicate and thus should be handled carefully.

How to Choose the best table lamp for the Living Room?


The table lampshades come in various different materials – wood, steel, aluminium, ceramics, glass, fibre, jute etc. The ceramics & glass table lampshades are delicate and should be kept away from children.

Height & Base

Height: The height is an important factor you should consider before buying a table lamp for your living room. As a general rule, the bottom of the lamp should be at your eye level when you are seated or resting.

This will ensure a comfortable and pleasurable lightning effect. Height of living room table lamp can be between 20-27 inches. Choose a taller table lamp for a short table & Vice versa.

Base: A strong & sturdy base provides stability to the lamp. This prevents it from falling and breaking. The lampshade diameter should not be wider than the tabletop.

Bulb Used:

A perfect bulb will illuminate the room with pleasant ambient lighting. If you are using an LED bulb, 3W-10W bulbs should be preferred. For incandescent bulbs, 50W rated bulbs can be used. No Glare lighting is smooth and comfortable for eyes.

Position of Electrical Socket:

Electrical socket position should be checked beforehand where you want to place the table lamp. If you want to keep the lamp in an area which is away from the sockets, then extension cable will be needed. 


We have made comprehensive research for the best table lamps for the living room available today. We hope that this article helps you select the best table shade for your living room according to your needs.

We look forward to your suggestions. Please feel free to express your views through the comment section below. 

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